Dedicated Services

Miller Dedicated Services

In this day and age, transportation solutions in most companies have moved from back office challenges of doing business to complex, costly, ever changing operations. Cost control, safety, driver capacity, service levels, compliance and just keeping up with the changing marketplace are becoming critical to the success of any business . How can your business become equipped to handle all the facets of these challenges and actually move forward?

Miller Dedicated Services specializes in providing customized dedicated contract carriage solutions for any type of fleet. With a Miller Dedicated fleet, you have the comfort of knowing all aspects of your transportation needs are being managed so that you can concentrate on essential core business matters.

Transportation costs continue to rise and the complexities of fleet ownership can be overwhelming. Our understanding of fleet management offers you a distinct competitive advantage. We work with customers of all sizes, and we offer solutions that will ensure you contain and control transportation costs while continuously improving service to your clients.

Miller Dedicated’s Fleet Services Include:

Trained and certified professional drivers, on-site account management, engineered moves optimization, fleet optimization, driven & focused backhaul team, surge capacity management, fleet maintenance and additional equipment availability

Miller Dedicated Service is Always Working For You:

  • Cost Containment – Let Miller be the experts in transportation operations. We work every day to implement new ideas and plans to save you money. We work tirelessly to develop new backhaul opportunities targeted to your business. We focus on you and your operation with precision unlike the mega-carriers who hope that their size will be able to fill in the gaps.
  • Capacity – We have the size and ability to hire the right drivers for your operation. We purchase our equipment for your operation. Miller makes our fleet work for you and not the other way around. With hundreds of pieces of extra equipment, we can always have equipment on hand to surge or replace as needed.
  • Safety – Miller will continually train, test and reinforce the most recent safety training available with your dedicated drivers. We remain constantly aware of any and all DOT programs and changes. We will encourage safety above all else in the course of doing business because it is inherent in our company culture not just because we need to do it.
  • Service – Transportation is what we have done since 1912!!!. We know that Miller and our drivers will be representing your company. On time performance as well as professionalism and courteous behavior from our drivers are absolutes in a Miller Dedicated fleet. We will add another reason for your clients to choose you!
  • Compliance – We all know that the Transportation industry is fraught with federal and state compliance mazes you can only hope to try to navigate. We have a staff with many years of compliance experience. A Miller Dedicated fleet will always be preparing for the next change handed down by our regulatory agencies so you can continue to focus on your core business and its set of regulatory challenges.
  • Continuous Improvement – Your company will benefit from our experience and industry knowledge… Let us use our resources to improve your company’s operation each day while also staying focused on who you are and what you do.