Logistics Solutions

Managed Services

Do you want to want to outsource part – or all – of your daily transportation business processes yet maintain oversight and control? Our Managed Services can help you manage your supply chain more efficiently and effectively.

Miller’s Managed Services allows you to outsource components of your daily transportation management that may not be core competencies, or where you require additional resources and expertise. Let us plan and optimize your daily shipment routing and scheduling and execute that plan for you. You retain command and control and gain expert and experienced resources to supplement your staff.

We provide you with the best options to move your freight to any market at any time. In specific traffic lanes, Intermodal can provide a flexible and streamlined service with significant savings. We contract with a large portfolio of Intermodal partners that can provide both equipment and routing and scheduling with all Class 1 railroads.

We help you streamline your supply chain. By implementing best practices and optimizing your freight management, we demonstrate the best methods to reduce your costs and increase efficiency. By evaluating performance-to-plan and implementing continuous improvement programs, we help you realize the optimum balance of cost and service.